News published Thursday, October 12, 2017

CHAFUN DI FORMIO is one of 17 bands featured on the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’, where appears with the song ‘Discurso’.

The track is part of their latest EP, ‘Abuso Secular’. The compilation is a joint release between Shinigami Records and Metal Media, bringing together 17 names from the Brazilian scene among new promises and veterans. Check the tracklist:

As Dramatic Homage – Enlighten
Bloody – Cancro
Cerberus Attack – Face Reality
Chafun Di Formio – Discurso
Darkship – Eternal Pain
Dysnomia – Spiralling Into Oblivion
Elizabethan Walpurga – Infernorium
Encéfalo – Blessed By The Wrong Choice
Endrah – Priced Out Of Paradise
Gestos Grosseiros – The Ambition
Losna – Mesmerized By Rotten Meat
Maverick – Upsidown
Pato Junkie – Atos Terroristas
Sacrificed – Shame
The Wasted – Heritage
Vetor – In The Sound Of The Wind
Yekun – The Last Sound Of Silence

The material was released in physical format, in digifile, and is available directly with the band by email or Facebook.


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