News published Friday, September 08, 2017

The music of AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE can be considered anything but monotonous. The group in their more than ten years have been building a solid career and expanding their musical proposal into something complex and unique.

Their most recent work, the EP ‘Enlighten’ released last year has further raised this proposal and led listeners to delve into a beautiful and deep concept. To help us on this trip the band tells a bit how they built the whole concept and music of the EP:

“This work that demonstrates a step forward in the musicality of the group, the songs pass through experimental, extreme, intense and progressive views. The lyrics are not conceptual, but connect and interpretation is free as every perception will respect the songs.

“The term ‘Enlighten’ is associated with enlightenment, be it because of the good experiences and bad or how one can deal with some facts and consequences. This can be a perception that always gives us two options all the time there is only one will be taken whether you are solely responsible for your walk.”

‘Enlighten’ was recorded at Hcs Studio in Rio de Janeiro, with the production by the very AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE itself a joint release with the label Cold Art Industries.

For those who have not listened to the disc, it can be checked by the link:

The work can also be purchased in digital format through the link:


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