News published Friday, August 11, 2017

BAD BEBOP will take their metal to Argentina. The group will hold a series of concerts in the country in September.

The first gig was announced. It will be in the city of Carcaraña, in the province of Santa Fe, on September 9, and also has the Brazilian band Two Step Flow and the Argentine bands Cruzada, Saque and Bombardero.

More dates will be announced soon!

The shows are part of the promotion of the album, ‘Prime Time Murder’. The album was recorded at Institudium studio with production by guitarist Henrique Bertol, mixing by Felipe Debiasio, mastering by Absolute Master and cover by Allan de Angeles.

The album can be freely checked on platforms such as iTunes, PlayStore, Amazon, Spotify, among others. Check out some links:


A clip for the song ‘Vicious’ has been released, check out:


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