News published Friday, June 02, 2017

Do you want to find NERVOCHAOS? Look for the nearest stage. Jokes aside, the group, one of the most beloved Extreme Metal names today, can call the stage home.

Whatever continent they are, the group seeks every year to leave its mark and the brand of Brazilian Metal. Who can not follow NERVOCHAOS at all gigs, can now at least check a little of what the band lives on the road.

NERVOCHAOS have just released the first part of a mini-documentary showing a little of their experience on the Brazilian roads during the beginning of this year, watch:

The concerts are part of the promotional tour of ‘Nyctophilia’, band’s seventh studio album.

The material was released in Brazil by Cogumelo Records/Voice Music and by Greyhaze Records in North America and Europe. The album can already be bought in the major specialized stores of the market, either directly with the band, by email, Facebook or in the official store:

The band recorded the album in the city of Como, Italy, at Alpha Omega studio along with the producer Alex Azzali, who also mixed and mastered the work. The art of the album was created by Alcides Burn.

The album also features special guests Sebastian L. from the band Into Darkness and Leandro P. from the band R.N.S. In addition to a track, ‘Vampiric Cannibal Goddess’, which features riffs composed by Ragnarok’s Bolverk.


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