News published Friday, May 05, 2017

The release of one of the most anticipated Brazilian albums of the year is coming: the new album by veteran heavy metal band TCHANDALA.

To give us a “taste” of the work, the band announces the title and presents the cover.

The new album, third of its career, takes the title of ‘Resilience’. Lead singer Dejair Benjamim explains the choice:

“The ability to adapt to the changes and overcome obstacles is something that may go unnoticed for inattentive looks, but it involves persistence, courage and face the suffering head on. It is present in coping with diseases, losses, precarious working (and economic) conditions, hostile environments and relationship difficulties, among many other situations. Sometimes it refers to overcoming oneself by abandoning old comfortable, but limiting patterns. It is when people give their best and grow with experience. In addition, it’s necessary to be resilient to maintain a metal band for more than twenty years, something we do with pride and dedication.”


Already the beautiful cover was in the hands of the artist Marlon Delano and is based on concepts created by the group.

‘Resilience’ marks the culmination of TCHANDALA and celebrates two decades of career from one of the most beloved groups in the country. The album is filled with love, energy, technique and of course, Heavy Metal.

To make things even better, the band has a few special guest appearances on the album: Tim “Ripper” Owens (former Judas Priest, former Iced Earth), Clarice Pawlow and Renan Fontes and Iuri Sanson of Hibria.

The release date and more details of the album will be presented very soon.


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