News published Friday, May 05, 2017

NERVOCHAOS are confirmed in the Brazilian tribute to MOTÖRHEAD, which is being organized by the British record Secret Service Records.

The band worked on a version for the track ‘Traitor’, from the album ‘Rock’ n ‘Roll’, 1987.

The tribute was named ‘Going To Brazil… The Brazilian Tribute To Motörhead’. The material, which is scheduled to be released worldwide this month, features several of the biggest names in national metal, such as Distraught, Scelerata, Torture Squad, Genocídio, MX, and many others.


At the moment NERVOCHAOS are in Asia promoting their new album, ‘Nyctophilia’. The group will make 12 dates, going through Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam!

‘Nyctophilia’ is the seventh studio album of NERVOCHAOS and is available in Brazil by Cogumelo Records/Voice Music and by Greyhaze Records in North America and Europe. The album can already be purchased in the main specialized stores of the market, or directly with the band, by email, Facebook or at the official store (

For this recording, the group spent a month in the city of Como, Italy, at the Alpha Omega studio along with producer Alex Azzali, who also mixed and mastered the work. The art of the album was created by Alcides Burn. The album also features special guests Sebastian L. from the band Into Darkness and Leandro P. from the band R.N.S. In addition to a track, ‘Vampiric Cannibal Goddess’, which features riffs composed by Ragnarok’s Bolverk.


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