News published Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Brazilian AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE practice what is known as Avant-garde Metal. The group breaks down all style barriers and travels naturally from the most extreme to the most melodic, from the simplest to the most complex of what is offered in heavy music.


Their most recent work, the EP ‘Elighten’ of 2016, is the pinnacle of their proposal so far, offering listeners music without limits. This experience was widely endorsed by the specialized critics, who cited the album as one of the great releases of last year.

We separate some citations published by the media:

“Bold, clever and temperamental” – Heavy And Hell
“…always creating a sound of its own and not afraid to dare” – Arte Metal
“Interesting and smart subjects” – Mundo Metal
“One of the most authentic bands in our scene” – Metal BR
“…makes the proposal presented by the band to be unique and authentic in Brazil ” – Roadie Metal
“One of the best releases of the year 2016” – Chama do Metal
“An honest and extremely good album. Highly recommended “- Rio Metal Press
“The group knew how to surprise a lot” – Metal na Lata
“A very well executed musical transformation” – Coletivo La Migra

‘Enlighten’ was recorded at Hcs Studio, in Rio de Janeiro, with the production by AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE. For those who have not listened, it can be checked by the link:

The work can also be purchased in digital format through the link:


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