News published Friday, March 03, 2017

METALMORPHOSE’s new album, ‘Ação & Reação’ (‘Action & Reaction’), has just been released on digital platforms. The work is available for both streaming and download, check out some links:


In addition to being the new album of one of the most beloved and important bands of Brazilian Metal, ‘Ação & Reação’ also marks the farewell of vocalist Tavinho Godoy, who moved to Europe.

The album was recorded at HR Studio and Naked Butt, under the production of the talented Gustavo Andriewiski, who had already made the two previous albums of the group. The cover of the disc was in charge of Victor Santiago.

The physical version, on CD, will be released in April, by the label DIES IRAE.


01. Bala Perdida
02. Solução
03. Ação & Reação
04. Princesa do Metal
05. Tudo na Vida Tem Seu Preço
06. Liberdade
07. A Cobra Fumou
08. Prelúdio Metálico
09. Viver pra Correr
10. Menina Má
11. Aquela Menina
12. Quem Foi
13. Mate o Réu

A first video clip was taken from the album. The chosen track is ‘A Cobra Fumou’ and counts on real images, provided by the Brazilian Army. The images of the band were in charge of Carlos Galvão (RJ) and Savi Giessevideo & Peter Lanz (Italy), edited by Justo Lyra. Watch:



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