News published Thursday, July 28, 2016

The first step for the release of the long-awaited BAD BEBOP debut album was given: the group finished the recording of the work.

The band recorded the material at OffBeat studio with production by guitarist Henrique Bertol and production assistance by Felipe Debiasio. Now the disc goes to mixing and mastering.


“Everything went very smoothly in the studio, we just have to thank Felipe Debiasio and Institudium for support. Now is control anxiety to wait for the material finished in hand,” says drummer Celso Costa.

The BAD BEBOP is formed by experienced names in the underground and has in its lineup the musicians Celso Costa on drums, Henrique Bertol on guitar and Julian Ribeiro on bass and vocals.

The first single, ‘Trouble’, is available.

To give a little of the extent of the talent of these musicians, be sure to check the instrumental track ’22’.


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