News published Friday, July 03, 2015


After a hiatus of 13 years, REBAELLIUN announces the return to activities!

On a status update on Facebook, guitarist Fabiano Penna announced the band’s return, preparations for the third album and tour:

“It’s been a long time I’ve wanted to share these news, but now it’s time: me, Lohy, Sandro and Ronaldo have finally decided to reunite again to write a new chapter in the history of Rebaelliun! We will prepare our third album and consequently play a tour to promote it in 2016, among other plans we have. I would like to thank for all the endless support we have received from people from many countries on the last years, people who’s always asking and talking about this reunion, and that kept our name alive after so long. It would be impossible to name all of you here, but you know who you are. More news soon. At war!!”

Formed in 1998 and with two albums released in 1999 and 2001, “Burn the Promised Land” and “Annihilation”, plus two EPs and four European tours, REBAELLIUN has established itself as a leading name in the national extreme metal and is one Brazil’s biggest forces, with a series of shows and recognition of the greats in Death Metal world.

Soon more news!