News published Thursday, May 28, 2015

Missing about a month for the release of the new album, LOTHLÖRYEN release all information about the material.

Entitled ‘Principles of a Past Tomorrow’, the disc was recorded at Bar dos Bardos Studios and Jack Studios. The album was produced by Leko Soares and Tim Alan and mixing and mastering was on account of Thiago Okamura (Dr. Sin, Shaman, Bittencourt Project) at To-Mix Studios.

The cover was made by the artist Gio Guimarães and represents the lyrical concept addressed, besides indicating news that listeners will find in this new material.

1 – …a Journey Begins
2 – Heretic Chant
3 – God is Many
4 – Time Will Tell
5 – Manipulative Waves
6- Night is Calling
7 – And Dowland Plays
8 – The Convict
9 – The Quest is On
10 – Who Made the Maker?
11 – The Law and the Insider
12 – Wavery Times

Made possible by a successful campaign of crowdfunding, the album will be released on June 30th and soon the band will bring more information on the concept of ‘Principles of a Past Tomorrow’.

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