News published Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The new work of ZOMBIE COOKBOOK, a split with the band Offal, is now available. The side of the zombies receives the title of ‘Motel Hell’.

Released by Black Hole Productions, ‘Motel Hell’ has two songs: the title track and ‘Eredità Maledetta’, yes, a song sung in Italian! The cover again was on account of Charles da Silva.

Remembering that the Split is limited to only 300 copies, who want to buy, can now do it directly with the band via email or Facebook, or via the label:


‘Motel Hell’ was recorded at Studio Vortex in Joinville/SC and produced by the band. For mixing and mastering the disc traveled to the United States at Watchtower Subterranean Studios in Columbia.

From this split will also be taken a video clip, the first of the undeads, for the title track. The material is in the hands of Charles da Silva and Igor Orzechowski, who will be editing the material. For make-up and effects, the group invited a leading name in grotesque makeup in South America: Rodrigo Aragon, filmmaker and director.

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