News published Saturday, August 23, 2014

ENCÉFALO has just presented a little of what we can check on the second album. The new song was released in the compilation conceived by Brazilian company Metal Media.

Under the title ‘Endless Suffering’, the track will be on upcoming album ‘Die To Kill’, work to succeed the well received debut ‘Slave of Pain’.

To check out the song and more 66 others, visit the link and free download:


ENCÉFALO recently announced a partnership with OnFire Booking Agency. The partnership will take the group to Europe. The tour is scheduled for the months of September and October this year.


Alongside preparations for the tour, ENCÉFALO continues in hard work to release their second album, ‘Die To Kill’, successor to the well received debut ‘Slave Of Pain’, which allowed the band touring throughout the Brazilian territory.

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