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On its fourth studio album, the group returns to prove its non-conformism and goes far, far beyond. Everything the Hibria fan identifies is there: fast songs, virtuoso, perfect vocals and striking choruses. But do not stop there, there is much more in this new work.

Beginning with the direction of the songs, we have a much heavier band with both guitar and drums riffs verging thrash metal! The addition of Renato Osorio alongside veteran Abel Camargo fit like a glove, and the duo present some of the best riffs and solos in the history of Hibria.

Such as the heavier direction of the songs, the kitchen followed the same footprint with Benhur Lima in his most inspired disc, combining all his technique and feeling with very heavy passages. Already talk about Hibria’s drums comes to be redundant, after all we are facing one of the best drummer in the history of this country, Eduardo Baldo once again excelled, even presenting some almost Death Metal passages (check out the song ‘Silent Revenge’).

Iuri Sanson’s vocals are the best of his career. The musician showed an unimaginable versatility, covering a range of tones and timbres that will surprise even the most knowledgeable fan of the group.

Another major impact will be felt with the participation of the legendary Brazilian singer, André Meyer, from Thrash Metal band Distraught. The musician participates in the songs ‘Silence Will Make You Suffer’ and ‘Silent Revenge’, and brings fresh air and prospects for Hibria… Surreal.

To finalize the surprises, Silent Revenge still counts with the participation of pianist/keyboardist Mauricio Pezzi on track Deadly Vengeance, in the first piano interlude of the band’s career.

The production also bears Hibria’s seal of quality, in the hands of Renato Osorio, already well known for his work with Magician and Scelerata, the producer could take the most of each musician. The mixing was also in charge of a musician of the house: Benhur Lima (also responsible for the cover). The bassist already worked with Hibria mixing the DVD Blinded by Tokyo – Live in Japan’ and again brings his extremely heavy style to the album.

For mastering the band invited none other than the North American Mike Couzzi, Grammy winner for ‘Audio Mastering Engineer’.

In short, we are facing the heaviest, bold and intelligent work of Hibria, which, again, will mark its name in the annals of Universal Metal with another great classic! Without doubt the best album of the band so far.

“Silent Revenge”:

“Silence Will Make You Suffer”:

In Japan the album was released on June 26 and again topped the sales at HMV and is still among the best selling of the style in country.

In Brazil the disc was released on July 13 and is among the top sellers in the shop Die Hard, big name of retail in Brazil.

In Europe ‘Silent Revenge’ will be released on July 26 by the label AFM Records.

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