News published Friday, March 29, 2013

The title track from the latest release of NERVOCHAOS, ‘To The Death’, is one of the songs that comprise the compilation ‘Endless Massacre V’, designed and organized by Violent Records.


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Check out the bands participating in the compilation:

1. Imperious Malevolence (Death Metal) Curitiba/PR
2. Jack Devil (Thrash Metal) São Luis/MA
3. Chemical Disaster (Death Metal) Santos/SP
4. Supersonic Brewer (Thrash Metal) Bento Gonçalves/RS
5. Antrofetido (Death Metal) Belém/PA
6. Leprous (Thrash Metal) Fortaleza/CE
7. Ocultan (Black Metal) São Paulo/SP
8. Massacre (Thrash Metal) Limeira/SP
9. Forbidden Ideas… (Death/Grind) São Paulo/SP
10. Attomica (Thrash Metal) São José dos Campos/SP
11. Imperador Belial (Speed/Power/Black Metal) São Gonçalo/RJ
12. Psychotic Eyes (Thrash/Death) São Paulo/SP
13. Crunch Delights (Splatter/Death) Curitiba/PR
14. [maua] (Thrash/Death Metal) Aracaju/SE
15. NervoChaos (Death Metal) São Paulo/SP
16. Blasphemical Procreation (Black Metal) Juiz de Fora/MG
17. Haboryn (Thrash Metal) Coro/Venezuela
18. Hateful Carnage (Death Metal) Itapetininga/SP
19. Plague Remains (Thrash Metal) Bauru/SP
20. Vulcano (Black/Thrash) Santos/SP

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