News published Thursday, February 28, 2013

DISTRAUGHT whenever it can, prepares something special to share with friends and admirers.

Those who bought the latest album ‘The Human Negligence is Repugnant’, already checked the hidden track at the end of play, a cover for the classic ‘Overkill’ by the legendary band Motorhead. Who still does not have the CD, one more reason to buy it.

Now ask the question: “How would sound this version with André Meyer and Mr Lemmy Kilmister sharing the vocals?”. To answer this question DISTRAUGHT mounted a ‘bootleg version’ using the two voices.

André explains: “This is an unofficial version, we just took the voices of Lemmy and put together with mine. It is a Distraught’ tribute to one of the most important bands of our time.”

Wanna hear how it got? Check out:

Also check out the video clip of the band for the song ‘Justice Done by Betrayers’, also present on the new album:

The album ‘The Human Negligence is Repugnant’ was released in Brazil by Voice Music label and is available for purchase directly by the email:

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