News published Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We seem to know a new ‘workaholic’ National Metal. This is the band ENCÉFALO which is already preparing a new work.

After releasing their debut ‘Slave Of Pain’ in mid-2012, the group embarked on a tireless tour promoting the work, including traveling thousands of miles in a car to perform in the South and Southeast of Brazil.

Finished the tour of ‘Slave of Pain’ at the very end of last year, the nonstop ENCÉFALO already begun the composition of the successor and now enters the studio for a more detailed preparation of the songs.

“Our first album was very well received, even beyond what we expected and we know that this new one has to overcome ‘Slave Of Pain’ in all aspects”, says drummer Rodrigo Falconieri.

The band is excited to show the new songs and promises for soon news and excerpts of thework.

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