News published Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The new album by the power trio GESTOS GROSSEIROS titled ‘Satanchandising’ is now available for sale.

The CD ‘Satanchandising’ is the group’s second full album, successor of the well received ‘Countdown To Kill’, 2008. The album release in Brazilian territory was in charge of a great partnership between the labels Rapture Records, Tornhate Records and Brasil Underground Distro.

One of the aspects that draws the attention in this new work is, besides the technical level of the songs, the recording quality that made the disc extremely heavy, “we are more mature and able to carry it to the songs and the production managed to put the finishing touches for the album reached where we wanted”, says vocalist Andy Souza.

‘Satanchandising’ was recorded, mixed and mastered in Sao Paulo, at the studio Masterpiece, under the tutelage of musician and producer Pedro Esteves (Liar Symphony).

The CD can be found directly with the band by the e-mail:

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