News published Saturday, December 17, 2011

It’s no secret to anyone that most metal bands in Brazil suffer from financial problems. What exceeds on creativity often missing in the pocket. With the band ENCEFALO is no different.

And that’s the main reason for delay in the release of the debut album ‘Slave Of Pain’, guitarist and vocalist Alex Maramaldo better explains the situation: “We rely financially on our jobs and on you, when you buy a shirt, gifts or even donate! By the time we need a certain amount of money to the completion of the CD and we are depending on it! So this would be the major reason for the delay, I ask everyone’s understanding, and soon we will enjoy Slave of Pain!”

The album is being produced in studios 746 and VTM (both in Fortaleza / CE) features 10 songs, including 3 remakes of Demo ‘Destruction’ and 7 new songs. The production of the album is by the band itself.

Recently the group released a preview – not finalized – of their upcoming album ‘Slave Of Pain’ for listening on myspace and facebook. The song titled “The Last Gate” can be heard through these links:

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