News published Thursday, September 15, 2011

SACRIFICED’s debut, ‘The Path of Reflections’ is now available for sale! Planned primarily for September 20, the material was received in advance by the band’s label, the renowned Shinigami Records.

“Both us and the label we were surprised by this advance in the delivery of the CDs, since the factories usually delay. We are very happy to be with the work already in hands and it is amazing” says Bruno Bavose.

Guitarist Diego concludes that “did not know if we waited for September 20 or release now, as demand has been pretty cool, we prefer to have the CD available”.

The material has ten tracks and was recorded at WZ Studio and Studio Kojima and had the art in charge of the artist Carlos Fides, from Art Side.

‘The Path of Reflections’ can now be purchased on the website of Shinigami Records and the band’s e-mail:

Contact for concerts and merchandise:

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