News published Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“The overwhelming beginning of ‘Hypnosis’, for example, would make any headbanger think this is more a petard fast and furious. Nearly so, as the ninth song also brought numerous changes in its progress, Death Metal, Heavy and good riffs made the technique and creativity of the musicians earn prominence! The high level of work also won two compositions: ‘Inside’ and ‘Salvation’. The double followed with the “brawl” at full steam. There was no shortage catchy riffs, double pedals, howled vocals and great ferocity!

After 46 minutes of Thrash and Death Metal we can come to the conclusion that “Confronting the Mirror” is a work worthy of all the highlights! The musicians from Santa Catarina managed to balance innovation and creativity throughout its eleven songs and took the opportunity to show that the national scene has an more pleasant option in terms of heavy music! And take note that this is only the first official disc… “

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