News published Friday, July 08, 2011

“All of the songs are stand-outs, but two of them shine brighter than the others: the epic ones!!!

Yes, Woslom proved that a band can compose 8-9 minutes thrash songs, without being repetitive or boring. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea: “Power and Misery” and “Checkmate” (these are the songs) are not some half-ballad stuff, no they’re just pure thrash madness!

The thrash metal revival we’re seeing and feeling for the last 2 years is stronger than ever, and, Woslom, along young bands like Suicide Angels from Greece or Battalion from Switzerland, show us that this revival is spreading fast in the whole world.

Great riffs, haunting solos, furious voices – Woslom simply put an amazing album on the map of thrash metal.

I can already predict that, in the next Big Four of thrash, Woslom will surely be part of them!”

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