News published Monday, May 23, 2011

The band CRUSCIFIRE is proving every day that the Brazilian bands can indeed be independent and show a good work! After the release of the acclaimed debut ‘Chaos Season’, the band released entirely independently a music video for the song ‘A Letter for My Enemy’.

And the results have been amazing! Beyond the level of approval of the clip the band has drawn much attention from fans of extreme music to its work.

“We were really pleased and surprised with the approval of the clip! As our first official video and it was done completely by ourselves we did not expect a repercussion so positive. Our goal with this video will not only promote the band, is also shown that with a little effort and initiative you can do something with low cost and with satisfactory results” said Victor Angelotti, singer and bassist of the band.

To watch the video clip:

The band continues on the promotion of the album ‘Chaos Season’, which was launched in 2010 and has received excellent reviews from the specialized media.

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