News published Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ‘Third War Tour – European Assault’ is already making the rounds, as usual the band RED FRONT is always shrouded in unusual happenings. On this European tour has played in underwear, had unusual encounters with Nazi groups and anarchists in Poland and Slovenia, were barred from entering Britain for reasons not yet revealed.

The latest feat RED FRONT in Europe was achieved with the support band in Europe (Headbanger, Poland) gave up traveling with them.

One day before the first concert in Germany, the Van where the two bands were traveling broke down and after 22 days of hassles in Europe, Headbanger’s musicians no longer wanted to continue the tour. But the Brazilians of RED FRONT still earning notoriety in every concert done in the old world, and knew that other great concerts still to come and give up was not in its plans.

It was then that the band from Poland gave up traveling with the Brazilians, “The last thing I heard from Radoslav (Headbanger’s drummer) was that he could not stand we people inside the van, teasing him and it would be better if we continue the tour alone” says lead singer Léo.

Now RED FRONT rented a car and follows the last part of European tour alone, with agenda planned for Belgium, Germany and Holland.

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