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As the band is having its day offs, the musicians of RED FRONT will send news to friends and people who enjoy the band’s work to know how its first tour in European lands is doing.

This time the band wrote a very detailed tour report talking about the day-to-day trips, shows and the unusual situations that only happen when you travel around the world doing shows. Here’s what Leo wrote:

Days 1 and 2 (01/16 and 01/17):

After grueling hours of flight aboard a KLM boing, many Heinekens and whiskey come to Amsterdam at 13:50 in the afternoon. We had a small problem with the custom-house there, because of the amount of CDs that we were carrying, after millions of explanations about the content of our music and pay a small fee to release the CDs, we traveled to Berlin.
The arrival in Berlin was very smooth, but the guys from Headbanger (our right arm here in Europe) arrived late at the airport making our 1st show to be canceled. From there we went to the apartment of the singer from Headbanger. Martin received us very well at that time the temperature was 3 degrees and the beers were being frozen outside the apartment. It was an amazing night, we talked a lot, drink lots of beers and we were completely drunk. A warning: Drink with moderation in Poland, because the beer is much stronger than in Brazil.
In the morning everyone woke up damaged, the effect of Polish beer was visible on our faces, after a brief shower had a mission to put all luggage, equipment and eight guys in a van for seven people, ‘is like playing Tetris’ said the drummer of Headbanger, Radoslav.
We hit the road towards the city of Slupsk, our first show was at the Motor Rock Bar Outlaws, an impressive bar, built in a basement, very well organized, perfect atmosphere for the destruction begin. Initially the bar was completely empty, we thought we’d do our show for ten people at most, after seven at night the bar began to fill, were in the middle of Poland playing with a house full of hungry bangers for metal!
Headbanger played first and did a great show, they are those kind of band that carries the spirit of the eighties, very well played music, lots of excitement, real metal is how we can characterize the sound of these guys. Before our show we talked a lot with the guys of the city, and we were happy to know that some already knew the band and asked us to play the Circle of Hate, by the time I thought ‘Shit got my music up here man!’, our first show could not have been better, the mosh went loose, lot of violence. They liked what they saw. Ending the show with the sound of ‘One more song! One more song!’ The glory for us!
After all was to pack and go to the hotel to prepare for the third day of this crazy journey!

Day 3 (01/18):

This third day of the tour came to prove that even across the Atlantic the title of unluckiest band in the world still ours! We made a short trip from Slupsk to Gdynia in Poland, arrived too early at the bar and it was still closed, the way was enjoying the natural beauty of Gdynia, first went to the gazebo where you can have a privileged view of the city where the second World War began, then went to a beach to see the Baltic Sea and had a curious encounter with a group of swan and then visit the museum which is adjacent to this beach.
We returned to the bar around 17 hours, the first band was already there, was a thrash band 80’s with a very strange name neither of us so far managed to remember. The order of bands was: local band – Headbanger – RED FRONT, despite the public being outnumbered for the first show all the bands very well ordered and agitated the public. At our show the curious thing was a guy who bought a pizza, sat on a seat beside the stage and stood there watching our show and eating. At the end of the concert some people came to praise the band and say they already knew our songs on myspace, and even apologized because the house was not full enough!
Now you must be wondering why we are the unluckiest band in the world? Well we met with the promoters of the event, a very nice couple that led us to sleep at their home, the problem was that their house was in another city (something like making a trip from Sao Paulo to Santos).
Missing some 3km to get home this couple we were stopped by the Polish police, and the drummer of Headbanger who was driving our van had to do the breathalyzer test, I was in the front car with the couple and I was quiet because I knew Radoslav had not drunk anything, it was then came the surprise, Radoslav had 0.10 alcohol in his blood and in Poland the maximum allowed is 0.9. By 0.01 Radoslav lost his driver’s license for six months, when we all went in despair, only the second show and this happens? We were going to have to cancel all the work of more than one year? Luckily, the Brazilian driver’s license is valid here too, so we invited the band to driver the Van, now Marq, Marcelo, Bradock and Oscar take turns at the wheel while I’m updating Orkut, myspace and twitter and sleep in the van.
The oddest thing was that it helped us to get closer to the guys from Headbanger, that night we talked until 4 am and drink all the beers of the house, I think we started well this friendship.

Day 4 (01/19):

Today our destination was the capital of Poland, Warsaw, Bradock was the first to drive and did very well, which the need does to? Bradock became the best van driver of all time, now he can go back to Brazil, buy a van and take children to school (laughs). We arrived at Warsaw early in the night and when we stopped the van, a thin layer of snow began to fall, everyone was half-vaulted with the novelty “- Look man, this snow! What the fuck! -” But in 20 minutes we discovered that the snow is like a pouring rain and you’ll gradually getting wet (laughs), an hour after it began to snow all around the Luxembourg Rock was completely white, I think this was the factor for the smallest audience to date.
Before we start the show, the guys of Headbanger started to drink few beers and turn small shots of vodka to warm up. One hour later, the band’s guitarist Junior challenged us to play in underwear as we did in Brazil, well you know that encouraging crazy people is not a very smart thing to do, especially when these fools are Brazilian drunk of Polish vodka! Right at the first song the shoes went flying, in the second the jeans went out and in the third I, Oscar and Marq were without the shirt, the audience was delirious! Even Headbanger’s guys entered the party, singer Martin took his shirt and sang ‘Territory’ with us. “Circle of Hate” was the best part, me and Oscar played only in underwear, although little public the concert was far more RED FRONT!


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Day 5 (01/20):

This show was perhaps the strangest of all we did, due to the exchange of driver and snow on the road, we arrived a little late to the city of Katowice, in our last show in Poland. We encounter many bizarre situations when we came to Bar realized that this was an abandoned house that was transformed into a concert hall, the audience was mixed between bangers with patches, modern bangers of Pantera, Devil Driver, Machine Head, punks and skinheads. As soon as I entered the bar and started to distribute some demos and a bald fat and shorty approached me to ask what our name meant, I gave the simplest and true explanation, RED FRONT is a strong name that holds the attention, the guy said it still seemed a communist name and it does not please him and asked where the band was. When I told Brazil the scowling expression changed at the time – ‘Oh Brazil? I LOVE BRAZIL! ‘- The first time my nationality took me out from a big problem, just got two more Nazis, one girl and one big guy and began to ask us about what we think about world politics, economy and even homosexuality. Poland is a country with a fragile economy and a strong racist charge, this situation causes the emergence of radical right-wing nationalists, something almost natural, issues such as names and symbols that refer to communism, Nazism or any ideology are taken very seriously around here, they feed the hatred against Islam today. The only thing I had to say in this situation is that the Brazilian people have an almost genetic trait to welcome other nations because our story and character were built that way.
The Nazis did not teased us all night and the show was very good, the problem was only to sleep, we were not at a hotel, we had to sleep in the club.

Day 6 (01/21):

And the fate to be the unluckiest band of Brazilian metal remains, last night was the coldest so far from all (-3 degrees), thanks to this, the battery of our van went into space, we woke up early because the trip to Slovenia is long but lost at least 3 hours to fix everything. I do not wish to even my worst enemy if he has to push a van full of equipment in the snow, it seems you caught fire inside and freezing outside. The way was to buy a new battery to get our van to Oscar, the Brazilian force, to drive as fast as possible. We are calling Oscar this way because after the encounter with the Nazis we were all very upset but Oscar was more pissed off than everybody else, ‘Damn, I will not bow my head no, I’ll face them, the most they can do is deport me for having beaten these guys’ since then he founded the Brazilian Forces Academy in Europe(laughs).
We had to hit the road fast to arrive on time in Roznava, Slovakia. Were tense moments we could not see a foot in front of the car. Arriving there, we were greeted by a very nice couple, has already made to realize that being a Brazilian here works as a letter of good references, everyone likes to know things about our country, learn words and shit, only to see the bar full to realize that things in Slovakia would be hot and after hours on the road, hungry, cold and tired we had to dump the energy on stage and celebrate the anniversary of the RED FRONT (01/21) in high style.
The concert was a roll up, we were the second band of three, a band  of the city was the opening and Headbanger closed the shows. We went to sleep at the home of the owners of the bar, there was the treatment of a king, good food, lots of beer and vodka to celebrate this very special night. Slovakia is already proving a very cool country for RED FRONT.

Day 7 (01/22):

Can you choose the best day of your life? Now I can! Our second show in Slovakia was by far the best thing about this trip!
The city of Rimavska is only a few kilometers from the city of Roznava, arrived early this time, the minute I walked into the bar I almost fell behind, had about 300 people inside, as soon as we entered, Domini, the organizer of the event came to greet with great joy, he said it was an honor to have the RED FRONT playing at his event and hotel and supply equipment for the concert were all ok, he explained that the house would only release the space for the event if the bands pay for their own drinks (85 euro cents the bottle…) then we look and think, okay, will be great playing here, the beer we stand!
Domini showed us the backstage, a separate room for all bands of the event with a separate place only for RED FRONT, all came to talk with us, learn more about the band in Brazil, this festival was very interesting because mixed all types of audiences, there were 6 bands of various styles, 80 Thrash, Thrash Core, Screamo, New Metal, etc, it just proves that in Europe the public is not segregated and in small townsthe bands come together to make a good sound. We were playing at last (yes I felt the Head Linner (laughs)) we had time to talk with the guys, it seems that it is written on our forehead – BRAZILIAN – We distributed more than 200 demos, we could not manage to mount our merch tend because so many people coming to talk to us!
Well, as I said we were the last band, and at the hour of our concert the house was full, the only problem was the size of the stage, when we begin the house was torn down, song after song the crowd has lost all sense. When we played Sepultura the circle pit ate loose, the crowd jumped along, going crazy, as always we close with Circle of Hate, only to see that bunch of Slovaks shouting HATE with me and opening a Wall of Death, was amazing enough to choose this as the best day of my life and the best show in Europe so far.
At the end of the concert we could not leave the stage, because so many people came to greet us, the guys talked about things like: “you’re cool, have to play in big festivals here, when I heard your sound on the internet I felt a lot of adrenaline, but alive was monstrous”. All this serves to give us strength to endure all the hassles that journey metal pawn.


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Day 8 (01/23):

Slovakia has seen a show quite important, in terms of audience was pretty quiet, but we had the opportunity to meet a Scott, the Scott’s are places abandoned and invaded by anarchist groups and there they assemble something as centers of culture which promotes shows from bands around the world (some bands do entire tours through Europe only doing shows in scotts) and make a kind of social work with drug addicts and so on. When we arrived we were very scared because as I said is an abandoned place that is invaded by groups of punks (Can you imagine that?). In the case of this particular Scott, in the ’80s it was a large sports center with a huge pool to practice polo, today this pool is for large festivals in the summer, or better served, the town hall would take the place one day after our show.
The best was knowing that the organizers of Scott heard our sound and made a point of taking us to Slovakia and we discover that we would get on the same stage at which nothing less than Ratos de Porão, the guys played there three times and close the activities of this house was a great honor. As the band RED FRONT is the unluckiest in the universe, we had the distinguished presence of a madman on stage dancing with the band with a diving head. It was so much fun doing this show and meeting these cultural centers that exist throughout Europe, at the end of the show a guy came to talk with us, he came from Italy just to watch us!
Unfortunately the only problem we had that day was the end of the shows, Scott is a dirty place, if you understand me, and we really needed a bath, so we had to get a hotel to stay, as the guys of Headbanger do not had money, they wanted to sleep in the van, which was impossible with the chill of minus 1 degree that was out there, so after much discussion the guys decided to stay in a hotel with us.


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Day 9 (01/24):

Try to imagine a day that could not be imagined? Well that day happened to us in our first Day Off, as I told the guysof Headbanger had no money for a hotel and was the biggest fights to get the polish mules to understand that we needed to stay in a hotel and not freeze in van, we’re in the middle of Slovakia and we had a trip of over 1400km to do to London what is the best option in this situation? For Poles it was best to go to the home of a friend of theirs, the only problem is that the house of the friend was in Holland, 1200km of Kranj in Slovakia, moral of the story: Never travel with Poles, we had to drive more than 21 hours to arrive in Istilburg, the Netherlands… there we go!

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