13/07/2018 KHORIUM: Heavy criticism on new lyric video ‘Cortina de Fumaça’

13/07/2018 DROWNED: New music video ‘The Bitter Art of Detestation’ is available, watch now!

13/07/2018 TORMENTA: Revealing more details and some guitar riffs from the new material

13/07/2018 SAMUEL YURI: Highlighted on international website

13/07/2018 ARMAHDA: The History of Brazil is crossing the ocean! European tour starts today

13/07/2018 DARKSHIP: Announcing the title of the new upcoming album

13/07/2018 MYRKGAND: MasterPlan and At Vance drummer, Kevin Kott, to record the new album

13/07/2018 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Interview and mini-review by Matti Viikate

13/07/2018 DROWNED: Review of ‘7th’ @ Noizze

13/07/2018 DROWNED: Review of ‘7th’ @ The Median Man

29/06/2018 DROWNED: Digital version of ‘7th’ now available on major global platforms

29/06/2018 SACRIFICED: Hard copies of ‘Enraged’ are available for sale

22/06/2018 DEEP MEMORIES: Feel ‘The Bitter Taste Of Illusion’ on the project’s first single

22/06/2018 HELLWAY PATROL: 7″ vinyl version of the new EP ‘Desert Ghost’ is available for sale

22/06/2018 MYRKGAND: Celebrating the debut’s first year anniversary

22/06/2018 DYSNOMIA: João Jorge shows a little of the vocal recordings of ‘Anagnorisis’

22/06/2018 DYSNOMIA: Review of ‘Anagnorisis’ @ Metal Temple

18/06/2018 DROWNED: ‘7th’ new and awaited album is available worldwide

18/06/2018 NERVOCHAOS: Cover and all details of ‘Of Evil and Men’ Demo-Tape

18/06/2018 SACRIFICED: ‘Meet Your Fate’ in the band’s new music video

18/06/2018 HELLWAY PATROL: ‘Desert Ghost’ is available on digital platforms

18/06/2018 FUNERATUS: Review of ‘Accept The Death’ @ Metal Temple

09/06/2018 SACRIFICED: New album ‘Enraged’ is available on digital platforms

09/06/2018 DROWNED: Celebrating 20 years of career in 2018!

09/06/2018 NERVOCHAOS: Diego Mercadante is the new member; extensive world tour announced

09/06/2018 DEEP MEMORIES: Title, cover and tracklist of new EP

09/06/2018 RED FRONT: New music video ‘Fool’s Gold’ available for streaming

09/06/2018 METALMORPHOSE: ‘Ultimatum Deluxe’ available on digital platforms

09/06/2018 HEAVIEST: Stratovarius guitarist guests ‘The Wall Of Chaos-t’

09/06/2018 ENCÉFALO: ‘DeaThrone’ is available on digital platforms

09/06/2018 TCHANDALA: ‘Resilience’ available on the world’s top digital music platforms

01/06/2018 DROWNED: Murder, Sex, Hate and More in brand new single

25/05/2018 DARKSHIP: New album to be produced by Thiago Bianchi at Estúdio Fusão

25/05/2018 DEEP MEMORIES: Project of former Desdominus preparing album

25/05/2018 L.I.E.: New single/music video ‘The Dissonance’ available

25/05/2018 MYRKGAND: Former Helloween, Roland Grapow, to produce the band’s sophomore album

25/05/2018 NERVOCHAOS: Lauro Bonometti part ways with the group

25/05/2018 SAMUEL YURI: New album ‘Epic Scales’ is officially released. Listen here!

19/05/2018 SIX SIX SIX TERROR: New EP ‘Tempos de Guerra’ available on Soundcloud

19/05/2018 SEVEN DAYS WAR: Watch Trailer of ‘Year Of The Dog’

19/05/2018 DYSNOMIA: New video shows the recordings of Denilson Sarvo’s bass

19/05/2018 FENRIR’S SCAR: Releasing acoustic version for The Gathering’s ‘Saturnine’

19/05/2018 SAVE OUR SOULS: Bass and guitar playthrough for the single ‘The Dark Passenger’

19/05/2018 SACRIFICED: ‘Enraged’ album teaser and new clip information

19/05/2018 HEAVIEST: Presenting the cover art of upcoming ‘The Wall Of Chaos-t’

04/05/2018 TRANSCENDENT: Check out Leandro Baracho interpreting Dream Theater

04/05/2018 MYRKGAND: Dmitry Luna guesting NERVOCHAOS’ new material

27/04/2018 RED FRONT: Preparing a new music video for soon

27/04/2018 HEAVIEST: Zak Stevens is the special guest on ‘The Wall of Chaos-t’

27/04/2018 FENRIR’S SCAR: Releasing beautiful acoustic version of ‘From Porcelain To Ivory’

27/04/2018 SAMUEL YURI: Musician and composer to release his first album ‘Epic Scales’

25/04/2018 MYRKGAND: Mexican release by Sade Records will be in digipack format

25/04/2018 NERVOCHAOS: New demo ‘Of Evil and Man’ and several projects in the works

21/04/2018 SACRIFICED: Cover and title of the new album are presented

21/04/2018 DARKSHIP: Preparing new single, ‘Heavenly Night’