19/09/2014 X-EMPIRE: Review of ‘End Of Times’ – Arena Metal

19/09/2014 COGUMELO RECORDS: Scourge @ Heavy Metal Brasil, Brasil Metal História, Whiplash

19/09/2014 ENCÉFALO: Band leaves for European tour this weekend

19/09/2014 ANGRY: Review of ‘Future Chaos’ – Arte Metal

19/09/2014 REDQUARTER: Review of ‘Innersight’ – Hell Divine

19/09/2014 GASOLINE SPECIAL: Review of ‘Rck’n’Rll’ – Imprensa do Rock

19/09/2014 COLDBLOOD: Check out full concert video footage

18/09/2014 SHADOWS LEGACY: Review of ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’ – Hell Divine

18/09/2014 DIE: Review of ‘D.I.E.’ – Mondo Metal

18/09/2014 HATE FOR REVENGE: Review of ‘Return Of The Hate’ – Heavy and Hell

18/09/2014 DEVIL’S PUNCH: In studio recording the new work

17/09/2014 HIBRIA: Debuting in USA at ProgPower 2015; Defying The Rules 10th year edition new art contest released

17/09/2014 A RED NIGHTMARE: Review of ‘A Red Nightmare’ – Brasil Metal História

17/09/2014 BLACKNING: In studio recording the drums of upcoming album

17/09/2014 LOTHLÖRYEN: Available second websode of the European tour!

16/09/2014 HELLARISE: Review of ‘Functional Disorder’ – Brasil Metal História

16/09/2014 PANZER: Hereby publicly speak about the controversy of the use of the name by a foreign band

16/09/2014 NANDO MORAES: More information about the new album

16/09/2014 KING BIRD: New disc will feature Hammonds by Rodrigo Hid

16/09/2014 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: In advanced process composing the new work

16/09/2014 TELLUS TERROR: Understand the concept behind ‘EZ Life DV8′

13/09/2014 COGUMELO RECORDS: Hatefulmurder @ Arte Metal, Brasil Metal História, Metal Samsara, Whiplash!

13/09/2014 EXECUTER: 10/10 on review @ Metal Temple (Greece)

13/09/2014 DAYDREAM XI: Review of ‘The Grand Disguise’ – Metal Temple (Greece)

13/09/2014 DEMOLISHMENT: Review of ‘Our Fury Is Unleashed’ – Mondo Metal

13/09/2014 NERVOCHAOS: Review of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ – Whiplash

13/09/2014 GASOLINE SPECIAL: Review of ‘Rck’n’Rll’ – Brasil Metal História

12/09/2014 X-EMPIRE: New video clip ‘End Of Times’ is available

12/09/2014 AMAZARAK: In studio recording songs for two new splits

12/09/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: Band announces new endorsement

12/09/2014 SPLEENFUL: Interview for the Swedish site Robex Lundgren

12/09/2014 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ OccultBlackMetalZine (USA)

11/09/2014 NERVOCHAOS: Review of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ – Som Extremo

11/09/2014 ANGRY: Review of ‘Future Chaos’ – Metal Samsara

11/09/2014 DIE: Review of ‘D.I.E.’ – Brasil Metal História

11/09/2014 A RED NIGHTMARE: Review of ‘A Red Nightmare’ – Som Extremo

10/09/2014 BLACKNING: New band of musicians with passage by Andralls and Woslom

10/09/2014 NECROPSYA: Musicians alternate between the stage and the classroom

10/09/2014 IMMINENT ATTACK: Former Torture Squad officially in the band

10/09/2014 REDQUARTER: 10/10 on review of ‘Innersight’ @ Die Fight

09/09/2014 HIBRIA: Celebrating ‘Defying The Rules’ 10th anniversary with new edition

09/09/2014 FLESH GRINDER: Preparing the new album

09/09/2014 COGUMELO RECORDS: New Amen Corner’s album is already available!

09/09/2014 REVOLTED: Review of ‘Revolutionary Order’ – Road To Metal

09/09/2014 INNVEIN: Review of ‘Timeless’ – Metal Samsara

06/09/2014 YEKUN: Review of ‘Live At Kaffeklubben’ – Metal Samsara

06/09/2014 NOWRONG: 10/10 on review @ Rock On Stage

06/09/2014 ANGRY: Review of ‘Future Chaos’ – Imprensa do Rock

05/09/2014 GASOLINE SPECIAL: Review of ‘Rck’n’Rll’ – Metal Clube

05/09/2014 SKINLEPSY: Review of ‘Condemning The Empty Souls’ – Quality Music

05/09/2014 COGUMELO RECORDS: Record label will release the new Amen Corner’s album

04/09/2014 X-EMPIRE: New video clip release date is announced

04/09/2014 DEMOLISHMENT: Announcing studios and producer of the debut album

04/09/2014 UNEARTHLY: ‘The Unearthly’ is available for sale

03/09/2014 NANDO MORAES: Already in the studio recording the upcoming album

03/09/2014 PANZER: Streaming lyric video for the song ‘The Last Man On Earth’

03/09/2014 DAYDREAM XI: Check out the tracklist and release date of ‘The Grand Disguise’

03/09/2014 GRIMRIOT: Announced the release date of ‘Under Red Stars’

03/09/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: Finished the recordings of the first music video, check images

03/09/2014 TELLUS TERROR: Debut album ‘EZ Life DV8′ is available for sale!

03/09/2014 A RED NIGHTMARE: Check guitar playthrough of the song ‘Demigod’

03/09/2014 SHADOWS LEGACY: Releasing new song in the Compilation of Metal Media

03/09/2014 WOSLOM: DVD ‘DestrucTVision’ is now available!

02/09/2014 ANCESTTRAL: Check medley with new songs

02/09/2014 MADNESS FACTORY: New lyric video is available

30/08/2014 NERVOCHAOS: Review of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ – Roadie Crew

30/08/2014 TELLUS TERROR: New song available in compilation

28/08/2014 NOWRONG: Check out live videos

28/08/2014 RHESTUS: Song of the upcoming DVD in Brazilian compilation

28/08/2014 SECRET SERVICE RECORDS: Announcing three releases for September

28/08/2014 GASOLINE SPECIAL: Review of ‘Rck’n’Rll’ – Arte Metal

28/08/2014 INNVEIN: Review of ‘Timeless’ – Whiplash

28/08/2014 DIE: Review of ‘D.I.E.’ – Whiplash

28/08/2014 COLDBLOOD: Live videos of the tour with Funerus and Nervochaos

28/08/2014 DAYDREAM XI: First lyric video taken from the new album is available

28/08/2014 SLASHER: ‘Final Day’ music video released

28/08/2014 DNR: Review of ‘D.N.R.’ – Road to Metal

28/08/2014 REVOLTED: New album is out now in virtual format

28/08/2014 DEMOLISHMENT: Review of ‘Our Fury Is Unleashed’ – Brasil Metal História

28/08/2014 EXECUTER: Review of ‘Helliday’ – Road to Metal