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25/11/2014 [SECRET SERVICE RECORDS] Leviaethan’s ‘Disturbed Mind’ released in Europe

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22/11/2014 [COGUMELO RECORDS] Amen Corner @ New Horizons, Som Extremo, Arte Metal

21/11/2014 OLD PLACE: EP officially released by British Raptors Music

21/11/2014 MORFOLK: ‘Shadows Of Fear’ music video is available

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20/11/2014 INNVEIN: Vocalist participating on Polish project

20/11/2014 DAYDREAM XI: Listen to the new album for free

20/11/2014 A RED NIGHTMARE: Video features guitar playthrough for the track ‘Hedonist’

18/11/2014 NUESTRO ODIO: New music video teaser is available

18/11/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: Cover, tracklist and details of the new Split

18/11/2014 NERVOCHAOS: ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ to be released in Europe and United States

18/11/2014 WOSLOM: Watch teaser of upcoming music video

18/11/2014 TELLUS TERROR: Album release in Europe; distribution in Japan and US

18/11/2014 NOWRONG: Music video for ‘End Of Question’ is available for streaming

15/11/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: Review of ‘Outside The Grave’ – Whiplash

14/11/2014 UNEARTHLY: Band announces new endorser, Solid Sound Cases & Bags

14/11/2014 TELLUS TERROR: After Behemoth, opening act for Belphegor in Rio de Janeiro

14/11/2014 AMAZARAK: ‘Ascensão do Anticristo’ in vinyl is available for sale

14/11/2014 KING BIRD: Producer comments about the new album

14/11/2014 HIBRIA: Check performance of Iuri Sanson in voice and acoustic guitar

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11/11/2014 INNVEIN: Confirmed in tribute record to Sonata Arctica

11/11/2014 CROM: Preparing new single

11/11/2014 SPLEENFUL: Celebrating a year of the release of ‘Bittersweet’ with commemorative video

08/11/2014 KROW: Concert commended by British magazine Metal Hammer

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07/11/2014 CLIMATIC TERRA: Joining the Brazilians of PANZER this weekend

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