27/01/2015 ON FIRE AGENCY: Responsible for Brazil’s Claustrofobia European tour

27/01/2015 DEMOLISHMENT: Debut album is already being finalized

27/01/2015 INDIVIDUAL: At studio Casanegra recording the new work

27/01/2015 NERVOCHAOS: After five years guitarist left the band

23/01/2015 NERVOCHAOS: Review of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ – Whiplash

23/01/2015 MORFOLK: Review of ‘…Until Death’ – Metal Clube

23/01/2015 DAYDREAM XI: Review of ‘The Grand Disguise’ – Heavy and Hell

23/01/2015 WOSLOM: Review of ‘DestrucTVision’ – Heavy Metal Brasil

23/01/2015 TELLUS TERROR: Review of ‘EZ Life DV8′ – Arte Metal

23/01/2015 REDQUARTER: Review of ‘Innersight’ – Rock On Stage

23/01/2015 COLDBLOOD: Releasing lyric video and enclosing a cycle

23/01/2015 SAVE OUR SOULS: Drummer announces endorsement of brands Axis and Training Pads

23/01/2015 HAMMURABI: Band confirms the participation of Korzus’ legendary bassist

23/01/2015 HELLSAKURA: About to release the new album

23/01/2015 UNEARTHLY: Check out the new dates of European Tour

23/01/2015 INFESTATIO: EP ‘F.Y.A.’ available for free download

23/01/2015 DNR: Unpublished song is available for listening

23/01/2015 ANGRY: Cover and details of 4-Way-Split

21/01/2015 NANDO MORAES: First song taken from the new album is available

21/01/2015 NERVOCHAOS: Released video for ‘For Passion Not Fashion’

21/01/2015 TELLUS TERROR: Review of ‘EZ Life DV8′ – Grind Underground

21/01/2015 X-EMPIRE: Review of ‘End Of Times’ – Combate Rock

21/01/2015 INNVEIN: Review of ‘Timeless’ – Heavy Metal Brasil

21/01/2015 ACEFALIA: Tracklist and details of the album ‘Estupro da Essência Humana’

21/01/2015 LUÍS KALIL: Guitarist will perform at the biggest US music fair

21/01/2015 LIFE IN BLACK: Group’s first Demo is available

16/01/2015 [NUCLEAR BLAST BRASIL] Hammerfall @ Heavy and Hell, Metal Clube, Whiplash

16/01/2015 TELLUS TERROR: Review of ‘EZ Life DV8′ – Heavy Metal Brasil

16/01/2015 LORDS OF AESIR: Review of ‘Dream For Eternity…’ – Road To Metal

16/01/2015 GRIMRIOT: Review of ‘Under Red Stars’ – Metal Clube

16/01/2015 UNEARTHLY: Preparing first music video taken from ‘The Unearthly’

16/01/2015 LOSNA: ‘Another Ophidian Extravaganza’ is already on sale

16/01/2015 SAVE OUR SOULS: New single ‘Soul Domination’ is available for download

15/01/2015 TELLUS TERROR: 10/10 on review of ‘EZ Life DV8′ at Imprensa do Rock

14/01/2015 [COGUMELO RECORDS] Scourge @ Heavy and Hell, Imprensa do Rock, Whiplash

14/01/2015 IMMINENT ATTACK: Growing expectation for the first tour in Europe

14/01/2015 LIFE IN BLACK: New band formed by experienced musicians

14/01/2015 REDQUARTER: Check vocalist interpreting Pantera’s classic

13/01/2015 LUÍS KALIL: Young guitarist preparing debut album

13/01/2015 DEVIL’S PUNCH: EP ‘Damn Road’ available for free download!

10/01/2015 DAYDREAM XI: Review of ‘The Grand Disguise’ – Underground Resistance Brasil

10/01/2015 NERVOCHAOS: Interview for Romanian website

10/01/2015 TELLUS TERROR: Review of ‘EZ Life DV8′ – Whiplash

10/01/2015 ACEFALIA: Review of ‘Estupro da Essência Humana’ – Arena MEtal

10/01/2015 SLASHER: Interview for the site Headbangers Latinoamerica

10/01/2015 INNVEIN: Review of ‘Timeless’ – Mondo Metal

10/01/2015 [COGUMELO RECORDS] Amen Corner @ A Música Continua a Mesma, Heavy Metal Brasil, Imprensa do Rock

10/01/2015 SYREN: Cover and new song from ‘Motordevil’

10/01/2015 NUCLEAR WARFARE: Brazilian Alexandre Brito is the new drummer

10/01/2015 LORDS OF AESIR: Review of ‘Dream For Eternity…’ – Onstage

10/01/2015 GRIMRIOT: Review of ‘Under Red Stars’ – Arte Metal

10/01/2015 NERVOCHAOS: Review of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ – A Música Continua a Mesma

10/01/2015 MORFOLK: Review of ‘…Until Death’ – Heavy Metal All Night

10/01/2015 DAYDREAM XI: Music video for ‘Wings Of Destruction’ is available

10/01/2015 CROM: Recordings completed; check the news