16/03/2018 FENRIR’S SCAR: Check out videos already released by the group

16/03/2018 CARAVELLUS: Band announces return of activities and new lineup

16/03/2018 RED FRONT: Watch lyric video for the new song ‘No Escape’

16/03/2018 MYRKGAND: Physical releases in Japan, Russia, Mexico, Czech Republic and Malaysia!

10/03/2018 DIABOLICAL FUNERAL: Announcing new formation and plans for 2018

10/03/2018 SIX SIX SIX TERROR: Band preparing new material

10/03/2018 HELLLIGHT: Band will take their Funeral Doom to Europe

10/03/2018 MYRKGAND: Debut album to be released in Russia

10/03/2018 KRUCIPHA: ‘Inhuman Nature’ is available worldwide in digital format

10/03/2018 DROWNED: ‘Rage Before Some Hope’ is the group’s new single; listen now

10/03/2018 ARMAHDA: Band will tour in Europe and play at festival featuring Judas Priest

02/03/2018 ENCÉFALO: ‘DeaThrone’ is available for sale

02/03/2018 DROWNED: Release date and first teaser of ‘7th’

02/03/2018 DAMAGEWAR: Watch the lyric video for the title track of ‘Dead Skin Devourer’

02/03/2018 INRAZA: New band mix traditional and modern to be Brazil’s new brightest hope

02/03/2018 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Interview for important international website

02/03/2018 LIBERTY: Introducing new singer with a lyric video

02/03/2018 CHILI VEGA: Brazilian guitarist premieres brand new video ‘Wings’

23/02/2018 DYSNOMIA: ‘Anagnorisis’ already available for sale

23/02/2018 SAVE OUR SOULS: Check out the new music video; now with subtitles!

23/02/2018 FUNERATUS: ‘Accept The Death’ is available!

23/02/2018 NERVOCHAOS: Band announces the new formation

23/02/2018 EVIL SENSE: Watch the group’s live footage

23/02/2018 DAMAGEWAR: New EP ‘Dead Skin Devourer’ available for free download

20/02/2018 X-EMPIRE: Last clip from ‘Grief’ released and break up in formation

20/02/2018 RED FRONT: Group is back in full force! Listen to new teaser

10/02/2018 HEAVIEST: Watch teaser of the upcoming music video ‘Fire It Up’

10/02/2018 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Beautiful lyric video for ‘Enlighten’ title track is available

09/02/2018 MYRKGAND: Listen to the song featuring Lord Vlad from Malefactor

09/02/2018 TCHANDALA: Check out how was the design and creation of the new album cover

09/02/2018 SEVERAL EYES: ‘Touching Your Darkness’ is new song available for listening

09/02/2018 HELLLIGHT: Band recording new studio album

09/02/2018 DAMAGEWAR: About to release a new work ‘Dead Skin Devourer’

09/02/2018 SUN DIAMOND: New album available for free streaming

09/02/2018 FUNERATUS: Announcing release date and presenting ‘Accept The Death’ tracklist

09/02/2018 SAVE OUR SOULS: Brand new single and music video ‘The Dark Passenger’ is available

09/02/2018 IT’S ALL RED: Watch Tom Zynski performing song from ‘Lead By The Blind’

02/02/2018 FUNERATUS: New album was mixed and mastered by German Andy Classen

02/02/2018 SEVERAL EYES: Band inks deal with Marquee Records

02/02/2018 HELLWAY PATROL: Meet the new band of former Dominus Praelii

02/02/2018 MYRKGAND: Album to be released in cassette in Czech Republic!

02/02/2018 HEAVIEST: Band announces the title of the new album!

02/02/2018 DYSNOMIA: Celebrating great results of the South American invasion

02/02/2018 IT’S ALL RED: ‘Lead By The Blind’ available for free listening

26/01/2018 CHILI VEGA: Talent and creativity in new album and music video

26/01/2018 FUNERATUS: First lyric video taken from ‘Accept The Death’ is available

26/01/2018 ENDRAH: Bassist playing with WORST and CUTTHROAT on Brazilian tour

26/01/2018 DROWNED: Preparing their new album, seventh in career

20/01/2018 METALMORPHOSE: Band releases a song in Italian!

20/01/2018 X-EMPIRE: Song featuring Chris Clancy is available for listening

20/01/2018 FUNERATUS: Legendary Brazilian Death Metal act about to release their new album

21/12/2017 DARK AVENGER: Band announces Rafael Ferreira as the new drummer

21/12/2017 ARMAHDA: Band confirmed at the traditional Slovenian MetalDays festival!

21/12/2017 MYRKGAND: Album out in Europe this friday

21/12/2017 SUN DIAMOND: Watch the music video for ‘Frozen Bones’