20/04/2017 BRAZILIAN TRIBUTE TO MOTÖRHEAD: Watch the first teasers taken from the work

20/04/2017 ROMAN ROADS: Company announces the third band of its roster

19/04/2017 ORCKOUT: New music video for the unrealeased song ‘Crawlers’ is available

19/04/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Watch videos from the release concert

19/04/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Touring Asia alongside KRISIUN

12/04/2017 DARKSHIP: Teaser of upcoming single is available

12/04/2017 SKINLEPSY: New CD already available for sale!

12/04/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: Band inks deal with UK based SECRET SERVICE RECORDS

12/04/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Physical version of new album is available for sale

12/04/2017 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Nyctophilia’ is available for sale!

06/04/2017 NITROVOID: New video clip brings the 90’s back!

06/04/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: ‘Unbroken’ is the group’s new music video, check it out!

04/04/2017 ATTOMIC SOLDIER: Album is ready! Check out the news

04/04/2017 DYSNOMIA: New official website is available

04/04/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Avant-garde made in Brazil and ready for export

04/04/2017 SHADOWS LEGACY: Watch brand new song live

04/04/2017 ARMORED DAWN: Premiering live music video for the song ‘Rose Tattoo’

01/04/2017 RISING STATE: Check out making of ‘Portrait of a Despot’

01/04/2017 KYNDRA: Brazilian new Prog/Power promise working on debut

29/03/2017 SINAYA: Check out new logo created by famous international artist

29/03/2017 BLACKFORCE: Preparing to release a new single, check out teaser

29/03/2017 ROMAN ROADS: Presenting the second band of the cast!

29/03/2017 ENCÉFALO: Watch full concert opening for Belphegor

29/03/2017 DATAVENIA: Album ‘Welcome to the Underground’ available for free listening!

29/03/2017 DARKSHIP: Preparing new material; Check out the first few details

29/03/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: New album will feature 12 songs, check the tracklist

28/03/2017 ROMAN ROADS: Announcing the company’s very first band

24/03/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Music video shows new song and 360 degrees technology

22/03/2017 SKINLEPSY: New lyric video is available, watch now!

21/03/2017 YEKUN: Invading iTunes, Spotify and major worldwide distributors

21/03/2017 ENDRAH: Bassist showing his mastery over a fretless bass in new video

20/03/2017 BAD BEBOP: ‘Prime Time Murder’ release date announced

17/03/2017 REBOTTE: Brand new single/music video is available

17/03/2017 DATAVENIA: Another song from the album is released for streaming

17/03/2017 ENCÉFALO: ‘Die To Kill’ available on Spotify and other digital media

17/03/2017 CARPATUS: New album available on Spotify

17/03/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: Band features the cover of debut album

17/03/2017 AEON PRIME: Two new songs released temporarily

17/03/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: New album, ‘Infernal’, now available!

10/03/2017 DATAVENIA: Brazilian Traditional Metal presenting ‘Welcome to the Underground’

10/03/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Available preview of upcoming new album

10/03/2017 SACRIFICED: New music video ‘Shame’ is available

10/03/2017 IN ABSENTHIA: Compilation available on all digital platforms in the world

10/03/2017 CREPTUM: Confirmed in Colombian compilation

10/03/2017 WOSLOM: Brazilian tour announced alongside the German DIVIDE

10/03/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: New music video available for streaming

03/03/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Releasing lyric video for new song

03/03/2017 METALMORPHOSE: New album ‘Ação & Reação’ released on digital platforms

25/02/2017 BLACKFORCE: Present in compilation organized by Oráculo Magazine

25/02/2017 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Nyctophilia’ will launch worldwide on April 7; Listen to the first song!

24/02/2017 ENDRAH: Bassist releases video playing title track of the latest EP

24/02/2017 SINAYA: Band begins the recordings of the first album!

23/02/2017 BAD BEBOP: Check out the cover and tracklist of the new album

22/02/2017 METALMORPHOSE: New music video honors Brazilian WWII soldiers

22/02/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Listen to the first single taken from ‘Infernal’