31/03/2015 LEGION OF NEXUS: Album available for free download

31/03/2015 METALMORPHOSE: Cover and title of the new album

31/03/2015 PANZER: Band inks partnership with Controlle Drumsticks

31/03/2015 HIBRIA: Video Series on new album’s recording

27/03/2015 LOTHLÖRYEN: Brazilian band launch crowdfunding

27/03/2015 INNVEIN: Argentine band as international revelation by the magazine Hell Divine

27/03/2015 SYREN: Concert alongside Paul Di’anno

27/03/2015 HAMMURABI: New single and bonus available online

27/03/2015 MORFOLK: Review of ‘…Until Death’ – My Guitar

27/03/2015 MACHINAGE: Check guitarist playing with former Iron Maiden

27/03/2015 HELLSAKURA: Disc will be released in Japan via MCR/Karasu Killer and Brazil by Shinigami

27/03/2015 [ON FIRE AGENCY] Company confirms Chaos Synopsis’ new European tour

25/03/2015 CREPTUM: EP among the best of 2014

25/03/2015 IMMINENT ATTACK: Cover, title and song from the new album

25/03/2015 GASOLINE SPECIAL: Live concert available on You Tube

25/03/2015 RHESTUS: DVD ‘Games At War’ already available for sale

25/03/2015 KING BIRD: New song, ‘Break Away’, just released for streaming

25/03/2015 LUÍS KALIL: Iuri Sanson also confirmed as a guest!

25/03/2015 CLIMATIC TERRA: Lyric video for the song ‘Blood Walkway’ is released

24/03/2015 INDIVIDUAL: Producer talks about the work

24/03/2015 NANDO MORAES: Debut album, ‘Ignited!’, already available

24/03/2015 AMAZARAK: Check out cover and details of ‘Comando Blasfêmia’ new edition

24/03/2015 DAYDREAM XI: Check first guitar playthrough

24/03/2015 ASTAFIX: New album will feature songs by Paulo Schroeber

21/03/2015 SAVE OUR SOULS: First teaser of the new album is available

21/03/2015 MORFOLK: Review of ‘…Until Death’ – Som Extremo

21/03/2015 DEVIL’S PUNCH: Review of ‘Damn Road’ – A Música Continua a Mesma

20/03/2015 WOSLOM: DVD ‘DestrucTVision’ among the best releases of 2014

20/03/2015 PANZER: Live DVD is already available for sale!

20/03/2015 SISTEMA SANGRIA: Album to be released also in CD

19/03/2015 A RED NIGHTMARE: Participating on compilation organized by Brazilian website

19/03/2015 SOMAGNET: ‘Haunted Mansion’ among the best of 2014

19/03/2015 HAMMURABI: New single and video clip released

18/03/2015 ENCÉFALO: New song on the compilation ‘Conquerors Of Brazil’

18/03/2015 LIFE IN BLACK: Production is in full swing

18/03/2015 EXECUTER: Featured in several best of 2014 lists

18/03/2015 X-EMPIRE: Song on compilation ‘Gladiadores do Heavy Metal’

18/03/2015 COLDBLOOD: Bassist and guitarist are back to the band

18/03/2015 KING BIRD: Present on compilation ‘Gladiadores do Heavy Metal’

18/03/2015 ASTAFIX: In studio recording the new album

17/03/2015 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Releasing a video series over the new work

17/03/2015 TELLUS TERROR: Debuting with emphasis among the best 2014

17/03/2015 DISTRAUGHT: Maurício Weimar will record the new album

17/03/2015 SHADOWS LEGACY: New music video is available

13/03/2015 GRIMRIOT: Review of ‘Under Red Stars’ – Hell Divine

13/03/2015 DIE: Review of ‘D.I.E.’ – Metal Clube

13/03/2015 ANGRY: Review of ‘Future Chaos’ – A Música Continua a Mesma

13/03/2015 PANZER: Tracklist and bonus songs of upcoming DVD

13/03/2015 HAMMURABI: New music video premiere date announced

13/03/2015 SHADOWS LEGACY: Check teaser of upcoming music video

13/03/2015 MORFOLK: Album among the best of 2014 on Chilean site

13/03/2015 DEVIL’S PUNCH: Band announces new lineup

13/03/2015 HELLLIGHT: Presented cover and title of the new album

12/03/2015 NEW BAND: In studio recording new album

12/03/2015 LUÍS KALIL: Album will have the participation of Edu Falaschi