24/07/2014 SKINLEPSY: Band is now a quartet!

24/07/2014 INNVEIN: Check out bassist playing the song ‘Poisoned’

24/07/2014 YEKUN: Check webclip for the song ‘Psi Ética’

24/07/2014 HELLMOTZ: In the compilation from Quality Music Web Radio

24/07/2014 NANDO MORAES: Guitarist preparing first solo album

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23/07/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: New vinyl already available for sale

22/07/2014 NERVOCHAOS: New music video is available

22/07/2014 LORDS OF AESIR: Band presents the cover of upcoming album

22/07/2014 SLASHER: Band announces European tour

22/07/2014 MORFOLK: New album to be released by Violent Records

18/07/2014 KROW: Review of ‘Relentless Disease’ – Burnin’ Groove

18/07/2014 COGUMELO RECORDS: Hatefulmurder’s album release date announced

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18/07/2014 PANZER: Alongside WHIPLASH in Limeira, São Paulo

18/07/2014 UNEARTHLY: Listen first song taken from the new album

16/07/2014 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: “Outside the Grave” vinyl is released

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11/07/2014 SLASHER: First details over the new video clip

11/07/2014 LORDS OF AESIR: Inked deal with Brazilian label Shinigami Records

11/07/2014 ENCÉFALO: Announced European tour!

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11/07/2014 PILE OF CORPSES: Review of ‘For Sex, For Violence, For Alcohol’ – Metal Samsara

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