17/11/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Review of ‘Fall Of Gods’ @ Whiplash

17/11/2017 EVIL SENSE: Review of ‘Fight For Freedom’ @ Cangaço Rock

17/11/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Review of ‘Awakening’ @ Arrepio Prdoduções

17/11/2017 MAVERICK INC: Preparing new single; band presents details

17/11/2017 PATO JUNKIE: New album is also available on digital platforms

17/11/2017 SODOMA: Definitely rooting their name in the underground

16/11/2017 THIAGO CAURIO: Drummer releases single ‘Thawing The Brain’

16/11/2017 CREPTUM: EP also available on Facebook and Bandcamp

16/11/2017 DARKSHIP: ‘We Are Lost’ is available worldwide in digital format

16/11/2017 ENDRAH: New single ‘Your Life Deleted’ also on Spotify

16/11/2017 WORSIS: Physical version of new album now available

10/11/2017 PATO JUNKIE: ‘The Rag Doll’ is available! Listen now

10/11/2017 EVIL SENSE: ‘Fight For Freedom’ available in digital version

10/11/2017 DARK AVENGER: In Europe presenting the new album, Mário Linhares will sing at festival

10/11/2017 DYSNOMIA: Third video of the series shows Fabricio Pereira

10/11/2017 MYRKGAND: Novembers Doom musician talks about guesting the album

02/11/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: Tracklist and more details of ‘From East With Hate’

02/11/2017 TRANSCENDENT: 15 years of history in new music video, watch

02/11/2017 CREPTUM: New EP, ‘Reborn In Flames’, is available, listen now

02/11/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Celebrating one year of ‘Walpurgisnacht’ release

28/10/2017 CREPTUM: New EP ‘Reborn In Flames’ out next week

26/10/2017 SEVERAL EYES: Tracklist of the upcoming debut is presented

26/10/2017 SCELERATA: Recordings follow at full steam; watch the ‘Scelerata Drops’

26/10/2017 SODOMA: Available drum cam for the song ‘Libertinos’

26/10/2017 BAD BEBOP: ‘Prime Time Murder’ digipack version is available

26/10/2017 ENCÉFALO: First single from ‘DeaThrone’ available on Spotify

26/10/2017 ANCESTTRAL: Check out the first part of ‘Web Of Lies’ making of

26/10/2017 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Nyctophilia’ proves once more all the group’s power

25/10/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Maximu score at Brazil’s most visited website

24/10/2017 ENDRAH: Extreme Fight Metal participating in Brazilian compilation

24/10/2017 DYSNOMIA: New video focuses on the guitar recordings

24/10/2017 MIASTHENIA: Band talks about ‘Antípodas’ concept and women’s strength

24/10/2017 HIPERCUBO: ‘Trem da Loucura’ is available on digital platforms

24/10/2017 METALMORPHOSE: In the first volume of compilation ‘Rock Out Of The Box’

24/10/2017 MYRKGAND: Inking deal with Your Poison Records for European release

24/10/2017 LOSNA: Acidity and bitterness in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

20/10/2017 SODOMA: Review of ‘Mutapestaminação’ @ Darkradio

20/10/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Review of ‘Walpurgisnacht’ @ Metal na Lata

20/10/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Review of ‘Awakening’ @ Metal Samsara

20/10/2017 MACHINAGE: Review of ‘Slave Nation’ @ Arrepio Produções

19/10/2017 YEKUN: Metal & Psychedelia in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

19/10/2017 ENDRAH: New single and new drummer are presented!

19/10/2017 CREPTUM: Cover song and release date of new EP are revealed

19/10/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Warriors of the Underground in national compilation

19/10/2017 WORSIS: Listen to ‘Blinded By The System’ on Spotify

19/10/2017 MAVERICK: Band is in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

19/10/2017 SANGRENA: New album, ‘Hunter’, has the tracklist presented

19/10/2017 SACRIFICED: Group in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

19/10/2017 SEVERAL EYES: Listen to a song that will be present on the group’s debut

19/10/2017 MYRKGAND: Debut is also available on major digital platforms

19/10/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: Band in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

19/10/2017 ENCÉFALO: Previously unreleased song in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

19/10/2017 MIASTHENIA: Title track of new album receives a lyric video

19/10/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: ‘Fall Of Gods’ also available on world’s major digital platforms

19/10/2017 DYSNOMIA: Band present in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’