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With this slogan that Metal Media proudly represents Brazilian Extreme Music bands (Rock, Metal, Punk / HC and sub-genres) since August 2008.


To celebrate our FIVE YEARS of existence, we are releasing a compilation with bands of our current roster and proving, once again, the HUGE quality of Brazilian bands.


We also want to publicly thank the support and confidence of the bands that work with us and the true partners.


BANDS & SONGS (alphabetically ordered)
  1. ABIOSI - Acorda Playboy
  2. ANCESTTRAL - The Famous Unknown
  3. ANDRALLS - Policia Asessina
  4. ANGRY - Fear of Tomorrow
  5. CHAOSFEAR - Legacy Of Chaos
  6. CHAOS SYNOPSIS - Son Of Light
  7. CHEMICAL - Police Treatment
  8. DEADLY CURSE - Labyrinth
  9. DISTRAUGHT - My God Is My War
  10. ENCÉFALO - All The Hate In My Soul
  11. EXECUTER - And the Rottenness Goes On
  12. GESTOS GROSSEIROS - Slaves Of Imagination
  13. GOATLOVE - Kill Somebody
  14. HELLARISE - More Mindless Violence
  15. HELLLIGHT - No God Above, No Devil Below
  16. HIBRIA - Silent Revenge
  17. IMMINENT ATTACK - Splact
  18. INFESTATIO - Shadowless
  19. KROW - Framework Of Violence
  20. LOSNA - Distillery Of Pain
  21. LOTHLÖRYEN - Unfinished Fairytale
  22. MACHINAGE - Next Victim
  23. MAKINÁRIA ROCK - Makinária Rock
  24. [MAUA] - Probably The End
  25. MORFOLK - Blood Lust
  26. MORTIFER RAGE - Genocide Of Minds
  27. NECROPSYA - Determinación
  28. NERVOCHAOS - Gospel Of Judas
  29. OLIGARQUIA - When The Hate Dominate
  30. ORCKOUT - Bluff
  31. PANZER - Burden Of Proof
  32. RED FRONT - We Like The Bad Girls
  33. RHESTUS - Wolves Disguised In Sheep
  34. RHEVAN - Brute Instinct
  35. SACRIFICED - The Truth Beneath The Laments
  36. SCIBEX - Mermaid Serpent
  37. SHADOWS LEGACY - We Are The Legacy
  38. SKINLEPSY - Regressing From The End
  39. STEPS OF SILENCE - Malefica Maleficarum
  40. TORRENCIAL - Guerras Após Guerras
  41. UNEARTHLY - Flagellum
  42. WOSLOM - Breathless
  43. YEKUN - Psi Etica (Immoleted)
  44. ZOMBIE COOKBOOK - Harvest Of The Damn

As in last year's collection and as will be the next, our intent is to always present a cover art with Brazilian themes and give that 'underground' touch. This year we chose SACI, probably the most known figure of our country folklore. Know a little more about:

Saci is a character commonly regarded to be the best known character in Brazilian folklore. He is a one-legged black or mulatto youngster with holes in the palms of his hands, who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes (usually in the middle of a dust devil). Considered an annoying prankster in most parts of Brazil, and a potentially dangerous and malicious creature in others, he will nevertheless grant wishes to anyone who manages to trap him or steal his magic cap. However his cap is often depicted as having a bad smell, most people who claimed to have stolen this cap often say they can never wash the smell away.


There are several variants of the myth, including: Saci-pererê, black as coal (the best known); Saci-trique, mulatto and more benign; Saci-saçurá, with red eyes.


An incorrigible prankster, the Saci will not cause major harm, but there is no little harm that he won't do. He will hide children's toys, set farm animals loose, tease dogs, and curse chicken eggs preventing them from hatching. In the kitchen, the Saci would spill all salt, sour the milk, burn the bean stew, and drop flies into the soup. If a popcorn kernel fails to pop, it is because the Saci cursed it. Given half a chance, he will dull the seamstress's needles, hide her thimbles, and tangle her sewing threads. If he sees a nail lying on the ground, he will turn it with the point up. In short, anything that goes wrong — in the house, or outside it — may be blamed on the Saci.


Besides disappearing or becoming invisible (often with only his red cap and the red glow of his pipe still showing), the Saci can transform himself into a Matitaperê or Matita Pereira, an elusive bird whose melancholic song seems to come from nowhere. One can escape a pursuing Saci by crossing a water stream: the Saci will not dare to cross, for then he will lose all his powers. Another way is to drop ropes full of knots; the Saci will then be compelled to stop and undo the knots. One can also try to appease him by leaving behind some cachaça, or some tobacco for his pipe.


He is fond of juggling embers or other small objects and letting them fall through the holes on his palms. An exceedingly nimble fellow, the lack of his right leg does not prevent him from bareback-riding a horse, and sitting cross-legged while puffing on his pipe (a feat comparable to the Headless Mule's gushing fire from the nostrils).


Every dust devil, says the legend, is caused by the spin-dance of an invisible Saci. One can capture him by throwing into the dust devil a rosary made of separately blessed prayer beads, or by pouncing on it with a sieve. With care, the captured Saci can be coaxed to enter a dark glass bottle, where he can be imprisoned by a cork with a cross marked on it. He can also be enslaved by stealing his cap, which is the source of his power. However, depending on the treatment he gets from his master, an enslaved Saci who regains his freedom may become either a trustworthy guardian and friend, or a devious and terrible enemy.


Excerpt taken from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saci_(Brazilian_folklore))


Both the legend of SACI like all other Brazilian folklore, prove that our country has a rich and vast treasure overlooked and undervalued, but that is part of our history.

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